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Africa-Related Dissertations and Theses
completed at the University of Florida, 2007

compiled by
Dan Reboussin, Ph.D.

ETD = UF Electronic theses and dissertations. See for more information.

Barham, James G.
Linking farmers to markets: assessing planned change initiatives to improve the marketing performance of smallholder farmer groups in northern Tanzania. [ETD].
Interdisciplinary Ecology thesis, Ph. D.

Den Breeyen, Alana.
Biological control of Imperata cylindrica in West Africa using fungal pathogens. [ETD].
Plant Pathology thesis, Ph. D.

Downs, Maxine.
Microcredit and empowerment among women cloth dyers of Bamako, Mali. [ETD].
Anthropology thesis, Ph. D.

Dzotsi, Kofikuma Adzewoda.
Comparison of measured and simulated responses of maize to phosphorus levels in Ghana. [ETD].
Agricultural and Biological Engineering thesis, M.S.

Efitre, Jackson.
Life history variation in tilapia populations within the crater lakes of western Uganda: the role of size-selective predation. [ETD].
Zoology thesis, Ph.D.

Fridy, Kevin S.
We only vote but do not know: the social foundations of partisanship in Ghana. [ETD].
Political Science thesis, Ph. D.

Hartter, Joel Nathan.
Landscape change around Kibale National Park, Uganda: impacts on land cover, land use, and livelihoods. [ETD].
Geography thesis, Ph. D.

Jamison, Laura.
Alienated citizens in search of a state. [ETD].
Anthropology thesis, M.A.

Kasozi, Gabriel Nuffield.
Characterization of sorption and degradation of pesticides in carbonatic and associated soils from south Florida and Puerto Rico, and oxisols from Uganda. [ETD].
Soil and Water Science thesis, Ph. D.

Kiš, Adam Daniel.
Labor migration, gold mining, and low HIV prevalence in Guinea. [ETD].
Anthropology thesis, Ph. D.

Klein, Rebecca A.
We do not eat meat with the Christians: interaction and integration between the Beta Israel and Amhara Christians of Gonder, Ethiopia. [ETD].
Anthropology thesis, Ph. D.

Koo, Jawoo.
Estimating soil carbon sequestration in Ghana. [ETD].
Agricultural and Biological Engineering thesis, Ph. D.

Lepetu, Joyce Phonkga.
Socio economic impact and stakeholder preference to conservation of forest reserves: a case study of Kasane Forest Reserve, Botswana. [ETD].
Forest Resources and Conservation thesis, Ph. D.

Magembe, Lucy.
Transformation of valley-bottom cultivation and its effects on Tanzanian wetlands: a case study of Ndembera wetland area in Iringa region. [ETD].
Geography thesis, M.S.

Manganyi, Tirhani Prudence.
Perceived group cohesiveness among participants in redistributed farms of Capricorn District, Limpopo Province. [ETD].
Agricultural Education and Communication thesis, Ph.D.

Martinez, Eugenia Soledad.
Crossing cultures: Afro-Portuguese ivories of fifteenth- and sixteenth-century Sierra Leone. [ETD].
Art History thesis, M.A.

Morgan-Brown, Theron.
Butterfly farming and conservation behavior in the East Usambara Mountains of Tanzania. [ETD].
Interdisciplinary Ecology thesis, M.S.

Mtenga, Kibiby Jabir.
Comparative analysis of strategies for linking farmers to market: discourse on gender equity, community empowerment and soil fertility management in Malawi. [ETD].
Agricultural Education and Communication thesis, Ph.D

Odubela, Tolulope Opeyemi.
Contextualized qualitative research in Nigeria: coercive isomorphic pressures of the socioeconomic and political environment on public relations practices. [ETD].
Mass Communication thesis, M.A.M.C.

Schubert, Katie Ann.
Female circumcision in the United States: an analysis of laws and policies. [ETD].
Sociology thesis, M.A.

Solomon, Jennifer N.
An evaluation of collaborative resource management and the measurement of illegal resource use in a Ugandan national park. [ETD].
Wildlife Ecology and Conservation thesis, Ph. D.

Takimoto, Asako.
Carbon sequestration potential of agroforestry systems in the West African Sahel: an assessment of biological and socioeconomic feasibility. [ETD].
Forest Resources and Conservation thesis, Ph. D.

Thomson, Alfred William.
Taxonomic revision of the Amphilius uranoscopus group of east-central Africa (Teleostei : Amphiliidae). [ETD].
Zoology thesis, M.S.

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