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Africa-Related Dissertations and Theses
completed at the University of Florida, 2008

compiled by
Dan Reboussin, Ph.D.

ETD = UF Electronic theses and dissertations. See for more information.

Ahihou, Tohouégnon Christian.
The fiction techniques used in La pièce d?or by Ken Bugul = Les techniques de mise en fiction dans La pièce d?or [de] Ken Bugul. [ETD].
French thesis, M.A.

Alhassan, Abubakar Danlami.
A decade of dual deregulation : communications regulatory policy reform in Nigeria, 1994 to 2004. [ETD].
Mass Communication thesis, Ph.D.

Arfi, Khadidja.
Languages of Algerian diaspora in the United States of America : comparative study with Algerian diaspora in France. [ETD].
Anthropology thesis, M.A.

Edwards, Michelle LeAnne.
A new Pan-Africanism : Diaspora African transnational entreprenuers [sic] and philanthrophy [sic] between Ghana and Atlanta, USA. [ETD].
Anthropology thesis, Ph.D.

Fungo, Bernard.
Statistical and geostatistical modeling of lunnyu soils in the Lake Victoria Basin, Uganda. [ETD].
Soil and Water Science thesis, M.S.

Lininger, Betty Anne.
Post migration experience of Somali female refugees in the United States : a case study of Atlanta, Georgia. [ETD].
Geography thesis, Ph. D.

Marr, Stephen D.
Spaces of aspiration, liberation and exclusion the politics of urban space in an African democracy. [ETD].
Political Science thesis, Ph.D.

M'Cormack Hale, Fredline Amaybel Olayinka.
Whose democracy? : NGOs and the democracy project in post-conflict Sierra Leone. [ETD].
Political Science thesis, Ph.D.

Moon, MacKenzie.
Apt appropriation contemporary African artists' utilization of canonical Western art. [ETD]. Art History thesis, M.A

Ofunniyin, Ajani Ade.
The Òsogbo Connection : transnational identities, modernity and world view of Yoruba Americans in Sheldon, South Carolina and Alachua County, Florida. [ETD].
Anthropology thesis, Ph. D.

Rajakumar, Mohanalakshmi.
National allegories, personal stories : the use of domestic narratives in India and Algeria. [ETD].
English thesis, Ph.D.

Uttaro, Robert P.
Losing faith : fertilizer and democracy in Malawi. [ETD].
Political Science thesis, Ph. D.

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