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Africa-Related Dissertations and Theses
completed at the University of Florida, 1995

compiled by
Dan Reboussin, Ph.D.

Bouani, Annice I. The impact of temporal perceptions on cross-cultural communication in Moroccan-American marriages. 
Linguistics: M.A.; 1995.

Cartledge, Daniel M. Taming the mountain : human ecology, indigenous knowledge, and sustainable resource management in the Doko Gamo society of Ethiopia. 
Anthropology: Ph.D.; 1995.

Chitauro, Moreblessings Busi. The role and status of Shona women as revealed in the language of a Shona cultural event. 
Linguistics: M.A.; 1995.

Filippello, Michael P. Supply response of small- scale coffee producers in the Kilmanjaro [sic] region of Tanzania. 
Food and Resource Economics: M.S.; 1995.

Harshbarger, Camilla Lyn. Farmer-herder conflict and state legitimacy in Cameroon. 
Anthropology: Ph.D.; 1995.

Mafongoya, Paramu. Multipurpose tree prunings as a source of nitrogen to maize (Zea mays L.) under semiarid conditions in Zimbabwe. 
Forest Resources and Conservation: Ph.D.; 1995.

Mapunda, Bertram Baltasar. An archaeological view of the history and variation of ironworking in southwestern Tanzania. 
Anthropology: Ph.D.; 1995.

McCoy, Jessica. Responses of blue and red duikers to logging in the Kibale Forest of western Uganda. 
Wildlife Ecology and Conservation: M.S.; 1995.

Noss, Andrew J. Duikers, cables, and nets : a cultural ecology of hunting in a Central African forest. 
Geography: Ph.D.; 1995.

Oyler, Dianne White. For "all those who say N'ko" : N'ko literacy and Mande cultural nationalism in the Republic of Guinea. 
History: Ph.D.; 1995.

Pfeifer, Kimberly. Empir(e)ical configurations : power, knowledge, and the truth within development studies.
Political Science: M.A.; 1995.

Pozarny, Pamela F. Freedom and sustainability : a comparative analysis of planned and spontaneous settlement in Togo. 
Anthropology: Ph.D.; 1995.

Reboussin, Daniel A. From Affiniam-Boutem to Dakar : migration from the Casamance, life in the urban environment of Dakar, and the resulting evolutionary changes in local Diola organizations. 
Anthropology: Ph.D.; 1995.

Ryan, Gery Wayne. Medical decision making among the Kom of Cameroon : modeling how characteristics of illnesses, patients, caretakers, and compounds affect treatment choice in a rural community. 
Anthropology: Ph.D.; 1995.

Siex, Kirstin Samantha. The Zanzibar red colobus monkey (Procolobus kirkii) : ecology, demography and use of Cocos nucifera. 
Forest Resources and Conservation/Wildlife Ecology and Conservation: M.S.; 1995.

Thompson, Barbara. Earthen spirits : ceramic power vessels of Lower Zaire. 
Art: M.A.; 1995.

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