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Africa-Related Dissertations and Theses
completed at the University of Florida, 1996

compiled by
Dan Reboussin, Ph.D.

Cooksey, Susan. Akan terracotta and brass vessels : the significance of medium in funerary and shrine contexts.
Art, M.A.

Farley, Cary. Smallholder knowledge, soil resource management and land use change in the highlands of southwest Uganda.
Geography, Ph.D.

Govindarajan, Muthiah. Below-ground interactions at the tree-crop interface in the highlands of Kenya.
Forest Resources and Conservation, Ph. D.

Latt, Christopher R. Biomass production in agroforestry trees as influenced by cutting frequency and reserve carbohydrates.
Forest Resources and Conservation, Ph. D.

Lewis, Simon. By Europe, out of Africa : white women writers on farms and their African invention.
English, Ph. D.

Mabulla, Audax Z. P. Middle and Later Stone Age land-use and lithic technology in the Eyasi Basin, Tanzania.
Anthropology, Ph. D.

Moyd, Michelle R. Language and power : Africans, Europeans, and language policy in German colonial Tanganyika.
History, M.A.

Naughton-Treves, Lisa. Uneasy neighbors : wildlife and farmers around Kibale National Park, Uganda.
Forest Resources and Conservation, Ph. D.

Noon, Carole. The resocialization of chimpanzees, "Pan troglodytes". 
Anthropology, Ph. D.

Ottemoeller, Daniel James. Institutionalization and democratization : the case of the Ugandan resistance councils.
Political Science, Ph. D.

Pana-Cryan, Regina. Egyptian import demand for United States wheat.
Food and Resource Economics, Ph. D.

Ray, Justina C. Resource use patterns among mongooses and other carnivores in a Central African rainforest.
Forest Resources and Conservation/Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, Ph. D.

Scott, Samuel W. Export supply, import demand and trade policy : an assessment of impacts of the International Coffee Agreement and the behavior of exporters and importers in the coffee market.
Food and Resource Economics, Ph. D.

Shepherd, Virginia E. The role of dung beetles as secondary seed dispersers in Kibale National Park, Uganda.
Zoology thesis, M.S.

Snook, Stephen L. Principled agents in an agency under siege : U.S.A.I.D. and its mission in Tanzania.
Political Science thesis, Ph. D.

Staal, Steven J. Periurban dairying and public policy in Ethiopia and Kenya : a comparative economic and institutional analysis.
Food and Resource Economics, Ph. D.

Stanley, Tarshia Lorraine. (Re)collecting and (re)creating African American myth : Virginia Hamilton and the importance of storytelling.
English, M.A. 

Wallmo, Kristy. Improved cookstoves in Western Uganda : social impacts and environmental implications.
Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, M.S.

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