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56 x 38 mm.
© Dockside Press
Printer/Publisher: Dockside Press. Ratigan, William O..
Country: Michigan (U.S.) City: Petoskey, Charlevoix Date: 1955
Keywords: ships, houses, chimneys, docks
Mottoes, Text: No. 1 Shipyard Row Belvedere Ave. Charlevoix, Mich.
Names, Initials: The Dockside Press
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Device Reference: Weygand, J.L. Collection of pressmarks p. 33
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Notes: "There's a long story behind William Ratigan's old hand press. Supposedly, it once belonged to the only king ever crowned in the United States, Mormon King James I of Big Beaver Island in Lake Michigan 100 years ago. Upon his murder, and the dispersal of his followers, it was taken by Strangite remnants of Latter Day Saints to Cripple Creek, Colorado to print a gold camp newspaper. On its return to Petosky a few years ago it was acquired by the Dockside Press." © James Lamar Weygand
Weygand, James Lamar.
A collection of pressmarks gathered from America's private presses and from others not so private.
Nappanee, Ind., Private Press of the Indiana Kid, 1956.
Location: University of Florida