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Getting Started With NetLibrary

The UF Libraries subscribe to a collection of over 40,000+ e-books from NetLibrary. Following is basic information for accessing the collection and setting up an account.

Setting up a NetLibrary Account
In order to check out NetLibrary ebooks, or easily access them from non-UF workstations (at home, etc.), go to the NetLibrary Web site to set up a FREE personal account. You must create your account by being connected from UF in one of the following ways:
  1. From a UF workstation (in the library or elsewhere at UF).
  2. When connecting from off campus, you must be using one of the remote access methods provided by the UF Libraries
In other words, the workstation from which you create your account must appear to NetLibrary as though it is on the UF campus.

The link to create an account should be located on the right side of the NetLibrary screen.

Your NetLibrary account is NOT related to any UF or UF Libraries' account. You may establish any NetLibrary username/password you want to use for accessing this collection.

Once you have created an account, you will have the option of connecting to the UF NetLibrary collection in the future from anywhere using only that username/password. You will not have to be connected using the UF Libraries' Primary Proxy, etc. as is the case with other UF Libraries' licensed database services.

If you only want to browse the UF ebook collection (no more than 15 minutes per ebook title at a time) while connected from UF in one of the ways listed above, you do NOT need to set up a NetLibrary account.

Reading NetLibrary ebooks
To read a NetLibrary ebook (most for 15 minutes at a time), you do not need to create a NetLibrary account. Click on View this eBook instead of the Checkout link.
Checking Out NetLibrary ebooks
To check out a netLibrary ebook (most for four hours at a time), you must have first created a FREE account on the NetLibrary site, and must be logged on using your NetLibrary username/password.
Connect to NetLibrary Now
You may connect to the NetLibrary site and search for ebooks by keyword, etc. You will also find links to specific ebooks when searching in the UF Libraries' Catalog.  NOTE: If you wish to search the UF Libraries' Catalog ONLY for online resources (e-books, e-journals, etc.), you may connect to search the subset UF Online Resources Catalog.

When you are properly connected to access to the UF Libraries' NetLibrary ebooks, you will see"University of Florida eBook Collection" indicated near the top of the screen.

Once connected, look for Help (top menu tab) to see other guides for effectively using NetLibrary ebooks.

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