University of Florida Libraries
  • Registration and use of SciFinder through the UF account is restricted to current faculty/staff/students of UF. Please familiarize yourself with the SciFinder licensing conditions in order to ensure compliance with the restrictions of the license.
  • Begin to register, whether on or off campus, by logging in the left column with your Gatorlink. After success, you will be taken to the SciFinder Sign In screen.
  • Create your own username and password for SciFinder. If you repeat your Gatorlink username as your SciFinder username, do not use your Gatorlink password in SciFinder.
  • Where the SciFinder form asks for your email, you must use your Gatorlink address []. CAS will only send the completion link to [] addresses. You may be successful using your [] email, but if it fails, use your Gatorlink email.

After you submit the registration form:

  • You will receive (very quickly) a confirmation in your Gatorlink email. The message may go into your spam or junk mail, so please check carefully.
  • Within 48 hours, you must complete the registration process by clicking the link in your email message.

First-time users follow this link to create a SciFinder account:

Non-UF patrons may access SciFinder at the Marston Science Library and the Health Science Center Library Monday through Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm. It is recommended that these patrons call ahead (Marston Science Library: 352-273-2851; Health Science Center Library: 352-273-8408) before traveling.

Procedures for Walk-in access is as follows:

  • Bring a valid photo I.D. and obtain a guest computer access account at the service desk. For policies on computer use, please click here.
  • A librarian will explain SciFinder's licensing restrictions and you will need to sign a consent form stating that you will not be using the database for commercial use.
  • You will be issued a pass card and the librarian will sign you into the database.
  • When you are finished using SciFinder, please return the pass card to the service desk.
  • If you have trouble registering, please contact Michelle Nolan,
    Chemical Sciences Librarian (

The George A. Smathers Libraries provide access for UF faculty, staff, and students to SciFinder, a program that provides access to the following Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) databases:

  • Chemical Abstracts: comprehensive indexing of chemical literature, 1907-present
  • Registry: chemical structures, names, synonyms, some calculated and experimental properties
  • CASREACT: single and multistep organic reactions, 1840-present
  • CHEMLIST: regulatory information on chemicals
  • CHEMCAT: commercial availability of chemicals from major suppliers
  • MEDLINE: biomedical literature, 1951-present

SciFinder includes journal articles, book chapters, patents, conference proceedings, technical reports, and dissertations. Users may search by author name, research topic, molecular formula, chemical structure/substructure, or chemical reaction.

The terms and conditions set forth in this license agreement are as follows:

  • I am a current faculty or administrative staff member, or officially registered student of the University.
  • I will use SciFinder only for my own academic research done in the course of pursuing my degree, or in instructing my students, or, in the course of my own research funded by the government or a non-profit foundation and intended for publication in the publicly available literature.
  • I will NOT use SciFinder for commercial research; for example, research that is done under a funding or consultant contract where the results are delivered to a for-profit organization, or for research that involves patentability searching. If I require SciFinder for commercial purposes, I will have the search done using a commercial account by contacting the librarian responsible for chemistry searches on campus, by contacting CAS and having them perform a search for me, or by acquiring and using the commercial SciFinder product.
  • I will use my search results in the ordinary course of academic research and acknowledge that I may store search results in electronic form for the duration of research projects, provided that at any one time, I store no more than 5,000 records. I may share search results in a limited, reasonable way with other University students or faculty working on the same project, but I will not aggregate my electronic search results with those of anyone else. I will delete stored records when I no longer need them for the relevant research project, or after the completion of my degree program, whichever occurs first. If I need to use search results beyond what is described here, I will contact my University Key Contact to discuss and to obtain CAS permission. I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT I AM NOT PERMITTED TO DISTRIBUTE ANY CAS DATA OR SCIFINDER, FOR COMMERCIAL GAIN OR OTHERWISE, OUTSIDE THE UNIVERSITY OR TO THIRD PARTIES.
  • I acknowledge that the University has entered into a license agreement with CAS to provide me with access to SciFinder, and that violation of the license by any user could result in a termination of the license for all users.
  • I will contact the University's Key Contact with any questions related to the use of SciFinder.