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Government documents

Thanks go to Mary Gay Anderson (our former International Documents Librarian) and to Chelsea Dinsmore (who currently serves UF in this capacity) for the creation and assistance in the maintenance of this guide. See also the Government Documents Department pages, with sections on International Organizations, etc. Currently one of the best web sites for foreign government documents is maintained by the University of Michigan Library's Documents Center.

Tip: Use the government agency of interest as a corporate author for searches in the library catalog.

Note: Request retrieval via the Library Catalog to use materials labeled with the locations: "Library West" or "Storage" in the catalog. Some of these materials may be delayed beyond July 2006 in the return to the renovated Library West, but retrieval services will continue until they are returned. All Dewey call numbers will be replaced with LC numbers at that time.

Government Sources

Early European historical sources cover foreign relations with the colonies and trade companies.

British Sources (example of colonial papers)

1. Calendar of State Papers

These document England's foreign affairs. The Calendars provide detailed abstracts of treaties, diplomatic correspondence, dispatches and reports. The slave trade and colonial matters are a major theme.

Calendar of State Papers

Some volumes in storage or microformat.

1547-1704Domestic Series- national affairsLibrary West80 vol.942 G786c Domestic
1547-1738Colonial Series- global colonizationStorage44 vol.942 G786c Colonial
1547-1603Foreign Series- foreign diplomacyLibrary West28 vol.942 G786c Foreign

2. British Parliamentary Records

Discussions, investigations and reports on the major issues of the day and legislation. See also the Records of the British Parliament at the University of Florida: Quick Reference Guide.

Parliamentary Debates

Also known as Cobbett's Parliamentary History or Hansards. Note that the Hansards will return to Library West with LC call numbers, although the move will not be completed prior to the public opening in July 2006.

1066-1802Original 1803 editionPaged Collection328.4202 G78p
1066-1802Reprint 1966 editionScience Library, 1st Floor328.4202 G7791p 1966
1803-1992Paged Collection328.4202 G78p
1993-PresentLibrary West, Documents microficheJ301 .H22

Parliamentary Papers

Working papers of Parliament; bills, reports, papers, investigations and research.

1715-1801Paged CollectionJ301 .K625 1975
1801-1942Library West, microprint328.4204 G786b
1943-1984Paged Collection328.4204 G781p
1985-PresentLibrary West, Documents microficheJ301 .H62 (Commons)
1985-PresentLibrary West, Documents microficheJ301 .H62 J301 .J6 (Lords)

Journals of the House of Commons

Official narrative of parliamentary proceedings.

1547-1900Library West, MicrofilmJ301 .K31

3. Great Britain. Foreign Office

Records world events and British diplomacy.

British and Foreign State Papers

1812-1963Storage327.42 G786b

Confidential Prints

Africa: 1834-1912Library West, Microfilm (58 reels)327.4206 G786f
Africa: 1914-1939Library West, Oversized (Pt. II, many volumes)JZ632 .B757 1994
Africa: 1940-1945Library West (Pt. III, 5 volumes)JZ632 .B767 1998
The First World War: 1914-1918Library WestD621.G7 B75 1989
The Paris Peace Conference:1919Library WestJX632 .B772 1989
The League of Nations:1918-1941Library WestJX632 .B773 1992

Slave trade Africa : general correspondence before 1906 : slave trade.

1816-1892Library West, MicrofilmHT1321 .G74

Government publications relating to African countries prior to independence.

1897-1963...Kenya and East Africa High CommissionLibrary West, MicrofilmDT433.513 .G681 1976
1862-1960...NigeriaLibrary West, MicrofilmDT515.13 .G681 1974
1889-1963...Southern RhodesiaLibrary West, MicrofilmDT2879 .G681 1982
1919-1961...TanganyikaLibrary West, MicrofilmDT447 .G69
1860-1963...ZanzibarLibrary West, MicrofilmDT449.Z27 G681 1976
1892-1899...UgandaLibrary West, MicrofilmDT433.213 G7

Great Britain. Overseas Trade Dept.

Overseas Economic Surveys 1920-1961
(includes African colonies)
 Library West, MicroficheHC10 (Name of colony)

Commercial reports received at the Foreign Office from Her Majesty's consuls. Zanzibar

1860-1865Library West, MicrofilmDT449.Z27 G681 1976

Reports on the treatment by the Germans of British prisoners and natives in German East Africa ...

1917Library West, Oversized CollectionD627.A3 G7 1917

Documents on British foreign policy, 1919-1939.

1919-1939Storage- See Circulation (MSL)327.42 G786d

Records of conversations, notes and papers exchanged between the Royal Egyptian Government and...

1950Science Library, (1st Floor)327.62 E32r

South Africa: The Making of U.S. Policy, 1962-1989.
Request Retrieval: WEST MICROFICHE  E183.8.S6 S691 1991

Both a microfiche collection (439 fiches) and online as part of the Digital National Security Archive database

International Governmental Sources

  1. League of Nations - first international organization "embodying the principles of collective security, arbitration of international disputes, reduction of armaments, and open diplomacy." (Britannica Online)
    • League Of Nations Documents and Publications
      1914-1946Library West, MicrofilmJX1975.A25 L43
  2.  African Union (formerly known as the Organization of African Unity)
  3. World Bank Group
  4. International Organization for Migration
  5. United Nations - successor organization to the League, expanded mission encourages international cooperation in the areas of economic, social, cultural and humanitarian problems.
  6. FAO Stat
  7. Statistical source covering some 30+ years for most countries of the world. Most of the data deal with agriculture, food aid, land use, etc. Note that this link provides a limited number of search results (up to 500). Advanced or specialized users may contact the library's Documents Department for additional access to this service.
  8. European Union:
  9. Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
  10. Africa and Middle East
  11. Virtual Library: International Affairs
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