Edward C. "Ned" Pent

Ingraham and party hired Ned Pent and John Saunders to sail them on the schooner, Margaret, around the Biscayne Bay and northward to Lake Worth. In the texts, they refer to both men as captains. Pent and Saunders were longtime friends. The Pent family was one of the first families to settle on the Biscayne Bay. They began to come to the region from the Bahamas in the early 1800s, and by mid-century were one of the first families to settle in Cocoanut Grove as squatters. Ned Pent and his brother John Pent were sons of Temple Pent, Jr. and were raised in the region. Ned worked as a ship pilot, a carpenter, and as a barefoot mailman. He reportedly made the last mail delivery on the barefoot mailman root in 1893.

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