Aleph Implementation Steering Committee
OPAC Functional Task Force

Recommendations for the Development of the Union Interface

November 1, 2002

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Report and Appendices

Appendices A-E focus on the specific screen content without the header. HTML versions open in new windows. Each screen allows opening drop-down menus, etc. included in the mockup. Text from the report about the screen is then included beneath the HTML mockup. 

Final Report:  Transmittal Message   Report [PDF]  November 1, 2002  NA
Appendix A   [Word] Basic Search Screen HTML
Appendix A2 [Word] Basic Search Screen (with I-Ball pop-up window) NA
Appendix B   [Word] Advanced Search Screen HTML
Appendix B2 [Word] Advanced Search Screen (Alternate) HTML
Appendix C   [Word] Results List HTML
Appendix D   [Word] Full Record HTML
Appendix E   [Word] Header HTML
Appendix F   [Word] Comparison of LINCC and WebLUIS Interfaces NA
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See Screen Mockups With Headers -- Links at bottom of each to all screens
Basic Search Screen  |  Advanced Search Screen - Alternate  |  Results List Screen  |  Full Record Screen
Selected Aleph OPACS -- Connect to several OPACS reviewed by the Task Force for ideas

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