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University Archives - University of Florida Presidents Collections

This directory provides links to records series from the University of Florida's Office of the President and the personal papers of UF presidents. With the exception of the miscuellaneous series, the collections are listed in chronological order according to the individual's tenure as president.


Miscellaneous Series
Historical and policy records, 1930-1971
Board of Control agenda records, 1928-1967
Official NCAA inquiry into conduct of the football team, 1979-1984


Sledd, Andrew
Administrative policy records, 1904-1909
Papers, 1869-1939


Murphree, Albert Alexander
Administrative policy records, 1909-1927
Papers, 1908-1927


Farr, James M. (acting president)
Administrative policy records, 1928


Tigert, John James
Administrative policy records, 1929-1947
Group correspondence, 1929-1947
General correspondence, 1929-1947
Genre files, 1929-1947
Building files, 1929-1947
Papers, 1840-1968
Personal correspondence, 1904-1965
Writings, 1904-1959
Tigert/McTyeire Family records and memorabilia, 1840-1948


Hume, H. Harold (acting president)
H. Harold Hume Collection


Miller, J. Hillis
Administrative policy records, 1946-1956
Correspondence, 1946-1956
Genre files, 1947-1953


Allen, John S. (acting president)
Administrative policy records, 1953-1955


Reitz, J. Wayne
Administrative policy records, 1905-1968
Subject files, 1905-1967
Memoranda, 1955-1967
Building files, 1955-1968
Miscellaneous records, 1955-1967
Biennial reports to the Board of Control, 1956-1966
Papers, 1925-1995


O'Connell, Stephen C.
Administrative policy records, 1967-1973


York, E. T. (acting president)
Administrative policy records, 1973-1974
Papers, 1961-2007


Marston, Robert Q.
Administrative policy records, 1974-1984


Criser, Marshall M.
Administrative policy records, 1984-1988


Bryan, Robert A. (acting president)
Administrative policy records, 1989-1990


Lombardi, John V.
Administrative records, 1990-1999
Presidential search committee, 1989


Machen, J. Bernard
Records Pertaining to the Inauguration, 2004


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